Symptoms of knee pain

If we ask what is the functioning of knee?

 It’s a hinge, like the one that allows a door to get open and close. But the functioning of knee is bit more different and difficult as there are number of ligaments inside and around the knee due to which joint can make turning and twisting motions and allows the leg to hold up the weight of your complete body.  Due to which a lot can go wrong to your joints which in the future will let you suffer from very bad knee pain.

How to explain your knee injury to your doctor.


If you have knee pain and you are planning to meet and discuss with your doctor, don’t forget to discuss the factors and symptoms that are associated with your pain history. Let’s have a close look at what one should discuss with the doctor.


Where exactly pain is? Are you feeling pain at some specific point or it is spread around the larger area of your knee. What exercises makes you feel better and relax and at what times it hurts you a lot.

What were you doing when you realized that your knees are hurting?


  • Try to recall – Had you lift some heavyweight or started doing exercise without any warm-up or you started feeling knee pain after making some sudden body movements.
  • What other symptoms do you notice?
  • Do you feel any clicking sensation or realized your knee making some popping noise? You feel your legs weak or unstable?

How different types of knee pain may feel


Let’s have a look at some of the common symptoms and causes of knee pain:



Pain due to arthritis occurs when the cartilage which allows your knee to move freely becomes worse. After condition appears, your knee may hurt after you have been physically active. Over a period of time, your knees may hurt more often and feel stiff after you get out of bed in the morning or moving after sitting for longer periods. Your knees may also get swollen and can make crunchy sound while walking.


Patellofemoral pain syndrome

During this pain, you will sense as if the pain is coming from behind or under your kneecap, and it will start occurring in your entire kneecap. Pain can go worse after you have gone up and down the stairs or you have been running continuously.



Ligament injuries

Ligament is the strong band of tissues that hold bones together at the inside and outside edge of your knees and within the joint. This injury generally occurs due to overstretch or tear in the ligament, which can occur during an accident or sporting event. Another symptom that you can sense is that your leg may feel wobbly when you try to put weight on it.



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