Knee pain shouldn’t resist you from living your life happily.

Knee pain shouldn’t resist you from living your life happily.

Chronic knee pain is common problem and can be caused due to number of reasons, it can make it difficult to walk and function everyday life.

If you have knee pain doing exercise can be the last thing on your mind. Research says only 13 percent men and 8 percent women with knee osteoarthritis can do recommended amount of weekly exercise. Never forgot that exercise can be the best thing you can do for your knees.

Exercise is the good therapy until it is done in right direction. Doctors says pounding knees with high impact exercise or overloading it during workouts can make your knee pain worse. Let’s have a look together how to have a healthy and active lifestyle. Follow below mentioned dos and don’ts while doing knee exercise.

 Do exercise in water

 If you think doing exercise is hard on your knees, try exercising in water. Water buyoncacy will take load of your knees, and will let you exercise with less pain and stress on your joints.

Don’t go for high impact exercise

 Tennis, basketball squash, soccer, and football are too hard on knees because they need sudden start, stop, turns as well as jumping and landing is frequently required. These sudden movements can leave your knee with lifetime wear and tear.

Do walk

Moderate walk is recommended for people suffering from knee pain because it’s a low impact activity. If you feel stiffness in your knees start walking slowly and work up to 20 minutes of walking daily. Daily walking will help you in weight loss, which will automatically give you relief from pain.

Don’t exercise on hard surface

When you are suffering from knee pain avoid walking on concrete asphalt because these surfaces don’t have any shock absorption. Walking on grass is preferable but make sure that surface shouldn’t be bumpy and uneven. If surface don’t sound appealing take indoor walk. One can also prefer trade mill walking as it has smooth and consistent surface.

Regular exercise can help ease knee pain and improves overall health. If you are not sure what to do to cure your knee pain. Visit carnea health management center doctors will assist you best.

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