Caring for old parents shouldn’t be a burden.

Caring for old parents shouldn’t be a burden.

The well-being of parents is the only wish of every child. Eldercare means taking care of mental and physical emotions together. But People are so busy with their routine work that taking time out of work to be with their aging parents is difficult. The Fact is there are times when parents want to feel the love, attention, and care that they once shared with their children.

Due to aging factor parents get trapped into boredom, loneliness and feels isolated from society as their body mobility gets weak and doesn’t allow them to enjoy their life to fullest like they used to do. The inability to walk and sit for long hours compounds the loneliness they face on a daily bases. The worst is when they see their friends passing away and enjoying their lives. The chances get fewer to get engaged in social activities which is the main reason why many older parents tend to stay at home.

Let’s take a moment to consider some essential things we should take into account regarding the welfare of parents during aging.

Make yourself more aware of the senior’s health requirements. Schedule regular body checkups and provide every possible health requirement to your parents. People who have good health are less prone to illness.

Impaired health and mobility issues which make it difficult for them to take care of their daily living activities independently then you need to look for the appropriate help. Give your options the big search and never stick to the first option.

After a certain age, health problems begin to crop up leading to losing control over one body.  Joint pain is a common problem found in every 2nd senior citizen. When we gain ten pounds it’s like 40 pounds across the knee which is why knees are more susceptible to weight problems. Pain in factors like prolong walking, prolong standing, sit to stand, climbing stairs and doing repetitive knee movements can be due to the osteoarthritis of knee joint. There are three grades of osteoarthritis for knee joint. Mostly people are recommended for calcium tablets, painkillers, injections and surgery as per severity.

Some common knee injuries :

Chondromalacia Patellae

This is a condition in which inflammation is sensed under the knee cap and leads to the softening of the cartilage. Cartilage under the kneecap works as the body shock absorber. People who overworked with their knees, like athletes and old age people, can face the wear and tear of the knee which will cause Pain in front and back side of the knee.

Meniscus Tear

This is the condition in which meniscus is lacerated. It can get torn by some traumatic injury or can also cause due to the aging factor. Seniors can find themselves with torn muscles by sensing the following signs and symptoms.

  • Pain in the knee
  • Swelling of the knee
  • The limited ability of knee mobility
  • Popping sound while knee movement


Osteoarthritis is one of the leading cause of chronic disability among elders worldwide. Individual will need lifelong treatment, with pain medication or injections when symptoms are at their peak. Wear and tear of joints cause the joints to degenerate or get damaged resulting into osteoarthritis. Signs and symptoms for this problem are

  • Muscle spasm
  • Stiffness of joints

The most important thing to keep in mind is that knee problems should not be ignored.  Knee problems can be easily treated with manual therapies and rest but if left untreated will surely become worse over the period. Seniors should make sure that they visit the right doctor at the right time and should not try to treat their condition on their own. The good news is that today, people have ample choices. They can explore therapeutic options to reduce pain.

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