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Carnea Health Care was established to meet the needs of patients by providing highest quality care with a devotion to "Hands-On Manual" therapy skills. We provide highly skilled care with a focus on restoring the biomechanical movements of specific joints to benefit the individual as a whole. We are a team of compassionate doctors, who have completed specialized training in manual therapy, which has advanced everyday on the basis of knowledge-based experience.
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Our Unique Technique

Soft Tissue Mobilisation Technique is a manual therapy wherein doctors physically work to treat the affected region in your body.

Patient First

Patient is our first priority and we are driven to ensure they receive the best quality care.

Our Expert Doctors

Our doctors are known for providing personalized and comprehensive care by developing healthy relationship with each of their patients.

Team Based Rehabilitation

Our team of 80+ doctors work in collaboration to yield the best results for our patients.

Cure With Care

Our therapists treat every case with at most care and the most effective treatment techniques.

Evidence Based Practice

Our protocols continuously are updated based the ongoing research out come of over 5000 subjects.

Conditions We Treat

Meet Our Best Doctors

Dr. Deepa Chauhan
General Manager- Operations
Dr. Priyanka Tyagi
General Manager- Patient Care
Dr. Sheetal Bhayani
General Manager- Patient Care
Dr. Jiwangi Singh
Manager- Patient Care
Dr. Fatima Fidvi
Deputy Manager- Patient Care
Dr. Jaya Pawar
Deputy Manager- Patient Care
Dr. Anagha Kale
Deputy Manager- Patient Care
Dr. Shipra Gagwar
Deputy Manager- Patient Care


What our patients are saying ...

A world-class medical center

Thankful To CARNEA


My name is Jayshree Mehta. I was suffering through severe knee pain since last 2 years. I was eating medicines to curb knee pain, but it was not a long lasting solution. Then we came to know about CARNEA and we booked an appointment.

After their Soft Tissue Mobilisation therapy, my knee pain is relieved by  90%.

I have stopped medicines completely and can comfortably go for walks, climb staircase and sit on the floor without support

Knee pain

Mrs. Jayshree Mehta

Cured Patient

A Wonderful Experience


“I had severe knee pain since last 2 years. The pain was so severe that I was unable to stand or walk properly. I even faced problems while climbing up-down on the stairs. Then I got myself treated from CARNEA on the basis of my friend’s recommendation. The Treatment was so simple and relaxing. I am now quite relieved from my knee pain now.”

Bhaskar Mayekar

Mr. Bhaskar Mayekar

Cured Patient


“I the undersigned, Neelu Pathak, confirm that my knee and leg pain is now relieved by 80% to 90%.

I was suffering through this since last 4 years. We came to know about CARNEA through a friend. When we booked an appointment, Doctors came to our home for treatment and tests. Their staff is well trained and takes great care of patients.

Now I can easily go for long walks, sit on the floor and do not face stiff legs situation in morning, especially in winter season.”

Carnea Health Care

Mrs. Neeluben Pathak

Cured Patient

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